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About this location:

Woodland Park
44 Rifle Camp Rd
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

In a wooded setting on a lush mountaintop adjacent to parklands and a reservoir, the Woodland Park campus is an idyllic environment for the college experience. Beautiful architecture combines with modern technology in a setting that is conveniently located in the suburbs of New York City. Ample parking is available and major highways are easily accessible. Security services include on-campus security personnel and 24/7 monitoring.

Programs available at this location:

A.A.S. Business Administration - Accounting - Associates

A.A.S. Business Administration - Management - Associates

A.A.S. Fashion Marketing & Management - Associates

A.A.S. Financial Services - Associates

A.A.S. Health Sciences - Associates

A.A.S. Health Services Administration - Associates

A.A.S. Health Services Administration - Medical Insurance, Billing and Coding - Associates

A.A.S. Information Technology Management - Associates

A.A.S. Interior Design - Associates

A.A.S. International Business - Associates

A.A.S. Justice Studies - Criminal Justice - Associates

A.A.S. Legal Studies - Associates

A.A.S. Marketing Communications - Associates

A.A.S. Medical Assistant - Associates

A.S. International Business - Associates

B.B.A Marketing Communications - Bachelors

B.B.A. Accounting - Bachelors

B.B.A. Fashion Marketing & Management - Bachelors

B.B.A. Financial Services - Bachelors

B.B.A. General Business - Bachelors

B.B.A. Health Services Management - Bachelors

B.B.A. International Business - Bachelors

B.B.A. Management - Bachelors

B.F.A. Interior Design - Bachelors

B.S. Business Administration - Bachelors

B.S. Graphic Design - Bachelors

B.S. Information Technology Management - Bachelors

B.S. Interior Design Mgmt

B.S. Justice Studies - Criminal Justice - Bachelors

B.S. Legal Studies - Bachelors

Certificate - Health Sciences - Certificate

Certificate - Medical Assistant - Certificate

Certificate - Multi-Level Patient Care Technician - Certificate

Certificate - Practical Nurse - Certificate

Certificate - Surgical Processing Technician - Certificate

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